Planning this event is only easy if everyone responds!!!!!

Hi all,

Well I’m back at it– trying to nail down the details.  Do you realize we only have 23 days until the big event.  Yet, I am so far from really having all the details ironed out.  I know I have personally spoken or corresponding with everyone except Maria.  Sorry, Maria, had to throw you under the bus.  Everyone has stated they are coming, but here are the details that  still needs ironing out.  Please, for the love of whomever you pray to…. please respond via text (646-552-7627), email, ( or even if you send a bird with a message in its beak…just respond.  I will say, that while I want everyone to come and have a blast, I am not going to be responsible for those who show up without me knowing what they need.  Sorry to sound harsh, but I will prepare for those who took time out and let me know their needs!  With that said, here is what I need from everyone,

1. Day and time of arrival? 

2. How are you getting here?

3. Do you  have a blow up mattress that you can bring?

4. Do you plan on getting a blow up mattress?

The plans for the weekend are still in the making but so far, everything sounds great.  Once again, Saturday we are planning a brunch on the deck.  Followed by some relaxation and then getting ready for the family photo shoot.  As we are talking about the photo shoot, please note that the colors for the photo shoot will be WHITE, GREEN & ORANGE.  You don’t have to wear all three colors, you simply need to be wearing at least one as a minimum.  You can wear, all if you want to. Please try and wear the colors and trust me, they will lookd great!

After our awesome photo shoot, we will have dinner at Maggianos.  It’s an italian family style restaurant.  Reservations have been made for 6PM for 20 guests.  The cost for dinner is $40 per person.  Children are free!  That will include two appetizers (we decide which ones and they bring out as much as we need or want), four entrees, two salads, two desserts.  Your $40 also includes the tax and tip.  If you order drinks,  then you will add that to your bill.  The food is great and for $40 per person, it’s a steal, as we will eat till we drop!

As we are still talking money, please note that I am collecting $65 per couple (children are included) to assist with the purchase of food and drinks.  I will need all monies to me by 18 June 2012.  If you are in NYC, Candice will be collecting and depositing the monies in my bank account.  Please coordinate with Candice as soon as possible so that you can your monies to her.  If you are not in NYC, please contact me so we can figure out the easiest way for me to get the money. 

We are still planning a huge cook out on Sunday.  Food, drinks and games for adults and children.  So please bring comfortable outdoor attire.

Looking forward to this weekend and once again, if we plan ahead, things run smoother during that weekend!


Getting together – family reunion- June 29, 2012

Hope all is well!  You have probably heard the talk about a family reunion occurring at the end of June.   YES, YES and YES — it’s going to happen.  I have created this blog so that we can have one place to communicate with each other and for you to continue to get updates about this upcoming awesome event.  Let me set forth some information that you would need to have so that you can make the appropriate plans.  Let’s begin, shall we?  First things first- -if you are attending, please send your name and who else is attending in your party in the comment section below this blog.  This will give me a starting point as to how many people to expect.


Friday, 29 June 2012 – Monday, 2 July 2012.  This is going down very soon.  Please mark your calendars right away.   Unfortunately, this year, 4 July falls on a Wednesday, right smack in the middle of the week.  So, what does this mean to you.  For most of us who work Monday – Friday, then, we will need to take that Monday off.  For those who are working weekends, please make sure that you put your time in very soon to get the weekend and Monday (if needed) off! 

I am hoping that everyone can get here on Friday and leave on Monday after breakfast. 



Ok, so where are we fitting all these folks?  Beleive it or not, our house can fit all comfortably.  Tight — but comfortably!  However, I do have two requests that will make it VERY comfortable.  I ask that if at all possible, a few families bring blow-up mattresses.  We don’t have enough for everyone.  If you are willing to assist by bringing one, please state so in the comment section of this blog.  I need to know this information ASAP!  Also, due to the large number of guests, I ask that each person bring their own towel.  This will save a lot of headache of washing so many loads of laundry after the event.   


I am asking that each family/couple please donate $65 to offset the cost of the weekend.  Monies will be used to purchase food for each meal, drinks etc.  I hope that everyone believes this is a VALUE deal as you will not have to pay for a hotel/meals/drinks.  Think of the Pitterson Home as an all inclusive for that weekend.  I would like to receive the monies by middle of June so that I can buy the things that we will need prior to your arrival.


So, what’s the plan for the weekend right?  Well, that hasn’t been completely ironed out.   Please leave comments to this blog providing your suggestions.  Rule of thumb, if you don’t suggest anything, then please don’t complain if none of the activities are up to your liking…lol.  It’s only fair!

Here is a tentative schedule at this time!

FRIDAY:  Please plan on arriving at the Pitterson Home in Waldorf, MD on Friday night.  Address: 10632 Ashford Circle, Waldorf, MD 20603.  While on  topic of arriving, let’s discuss briefly your  transportation.  This, I am hoping you guys can arrange on your own.  I would only have to say that because of the busy weekend, I unfortunately would not be able to do any pick ups from train or bus stations.  My advice would be to get tothether (NY folks) and rent 2 minivans.  However, I would leave those logistics in everyone’s hands.  All I would need to know is when those arrangements have been made.

Since it would appear that most will arrive late on Friday — late dinner will be served upon your arrival!  Some drinks will be pre-made as well….let the weekend begin.

SATURDAY: I am not even going to play myself and believe that everyone will be up and ready bright and early.  So, with that said, the schedule for Saturday is very loose and tentative.  You are more than welcome to please provide suggestions in the comment section.

11AM – Brunch on the Deck

3PM – Family Photos at Fort Washington Park

6PM – Dinner / Bowling / Movies (Looking for Suggestions)

You may have seen above that one of the most important activity for this weekend would be Family Photos.  Everyone will have photos taken, separately and with their family.  I will post clothing information in another post.  Stay tuned!

Sunday: BBQ, Games & Relaxation at the house!  Looking for suggestions on games and activities.

Monday:  Breakfast and depart to NYC!

Ok, I think this is information overload for the moment.  If you have questions, please post in the comment section so that others may see the question and of course the answers.  This is will be my primary way of communicating about the event, so please check back often for updates. 


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